How a corporate video can improve your business

Video is everywhere – all across the internet we’re able watch them, whether it’s for entertainment or education. With an increasing number of people using tablets and smartphones, access to film content is easier than ever. It’s not surprising that more and more companies are opting to use corporate video as an online marketing tool. An online film presence can benefit all manner of businesses in many different ways, from getting your name and branding out there to increasing enquiries and conversions.

Top 7 ways a video can help your company;

1. A video is a clear and modern method of demonstrating the products or services that you offer. It’s an effective and efficient tool for delivering the message you want to convey.

Corporate Event Video

2. It can promote you and your team. Having interviews with bosses and employees puts faces to names and demonstrates how genuine you and your intentions are as a business.

3. There are so many ways that a video can be delivered to your audience, meaning more people viewing it and more potential customers. Your company’s website, intranet, or social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just a few of the outlets via which films can be distributed.

4. A strong corporate video can boost sales and profit. According to Internet Retailer in 2010, visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to purchase than those who don’t. Similarly, some companies have reported up to a 30% increase in sales for products with video.

5. It can increase search results online. Google have said that material such as videos now comes up in every 1 in 4 searches, with YouTube videos regularly appearing high up on the results.

6. A corporate video is an ideal way to provide a training programme for staff. Whether it covers corporate issues or health and safety procedures, it’s a clear and cost-effective method that can be used again and again.

7. It allows you to communicate in multiple languages. Many businesses deal internationally, and a video (with the option of subtitles) is a platform through which you can communicate without fear of misinterpretation.

The importance of having a presence and making an impact online is becoming ever more apparent. With a corporate video, you can be sure that your business is taking the right steps to doing just that. Visit our Clients page or Blogs to see how some of our work has helped other companies and Contact Us now to discuss how we might help.